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Internet Relay Chat

With help of IRC you can chat in-game live and with other persons on IRC.
Once you have connected to IRC you will need an admin to voice you in order to chat in game, to avoid asking for voice everytime you need to get permanent voice. See details about getting voice at bottom of this page.
After getting voice check out the in-game interaction commands by typing !cmds and IRC interaction commands bu typing !commands.
You can chat directly into in-game with help of !m commands. Syntax: !m «Text goes here»
Don't forget to checkout the links to useful topics related to IRC at bottom of page!

IRC Info:

Server: irc.exp-gaming.net
Channel: #exm.echo (ECHO) & #exm (CHAT)

Chat Now

Getting Permanent Voice

In order to get permanent voice follow the steps below.

Useful Tutorials

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