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eXtreme Missions - The Racing Event

   June 2, 2017    [GG]JaDi

eXtreme Missions - The Racing Event

by Owainnub, Tokkor and JaDi

What's the event??

- What most of you guys like? Races! So here we go: Racing Event

What I have to do??

- For some it might be hard, for some it might be easy, but all you have to do is racing.

About the maps:

- We have 4 maps for you:

Map 1:

Formula Racing: a simple race track, everyone will be in the same world, I hope you guys don't crash me ;/

special thanks to Phoenix for the map ;D

Map 2:

Checkpoint to checkpoint race: a race from checkpoint to checkpoint, but some checkpoints can give you a new vehicle. 

Map 3:

Hotring Race: I do not tell any more details but this race will be chaos.

Map 4:

Turismo Race: We're going fast in this one, some highspeed for the high guys ;p

The Prizes!

- Would you even join the event without any prize? No you wouldn't! 

For every map you'll get different prizes.

Map 1:

1st: 20 days VIP + 2M in game $

2nd: 15 days VIP + 2M in game $

3th: 5 days VIP + 1M in game $

4th: 1M in game $

5th: 500k in game $

Map 2:

1st: 20 days VIP + 3M in game $

2nd: 15 days VIP + 2M in game $

3th: 10 days VIP + 1M in game $

Map 3:

1st: surprise  

2nd: 20 days VIP + 3M in game $

3th: 10 days VIP + 2M in game $

4th: 5 days VIP + 1M in game $

5th: 500k in game $

Map 4:

1st: 20 days VIP + 3M in game $

2nd: 15 days VIP + 2M in game $

3th: 10 days VIP + 1M in game $

If you win several races then your prizes are added together.

Like if you win every race you can get at least 60 days VIP (+ surprise) 

Time of the event: 10th June (10.06.2017)

I made a list with some cities:

Berlin (Germany - Berlin)                                                                                     Saturday, 10. June 2017, 15:00:00 CEST      UTC+2 hours    

Canberra (Australia - Australian Capital Territory)                                                                            Saturday, 10. June 2017, 23:00:00 AEST     UTC+10 hours   (11 PM)

Islamabad (Pakistan)                                                                                                                     Saturday, 10. June 2017, 18:00:00 PKT       UTC+5 hours    (6 PM)

New Delhi (India - Delhi)                                                                                                               Saturday, 10. June 2017, 18:30:00 IST        UTC+5:30 hours (6:30 PM)

Rabat (Morocco)                                                                                                                           Saturday, 10. June 2017, 13:00:00 WET      UTC                   (1 PM)

Makkah (Saudi Arabia)                                                                                                                  Saturday, 10. June 2017, 16:00:00 AST        UTC+3 hours     (4 PM)

New York (USA - New York)                                                                                                          Saturday, 10. June 2017, 09:00:00 EDT       UTC-4 hours      (9 AM)

Hanoi (Vietnam)                                                                                                                           Saturday, 10. June 2017, 20:00:00 ICT       UTC+7 hours     (8 PM)

Corresponding UTC (GMT)                    Saturday, 10. June 2017, 13:00:00                    

Some informations about the event: 

- The Server will be password only to avoid hackers. The password will be announced before the event starts.

- Max. 53 players

- Keep an eye on this page. Some event info may change accordingly till event.

- Questions? Feel free to reply! Unnecessary replies getting deleted.

- If you don't like the idea of the event, don't take part. (Blacklist available)

- If Owain or me win VIP, we will just give to another guy

- There will be a preparation time of 10 minutes, the event might start 10-15 minutes later

Welcome to eXtreme Missions

   June 25, 2016    [GG]Hellrocker

Dear SA:MP players, I am proud to announce that eXtreme Missions, a SA:MP server known for its uniqueness, finally has a website: 


eXtreme Missions was started in April 2010 by Roydl7 (a.k.a Dynamic93) and Desert_Eagle. With a collective effort from both of them, server reached new heights and kept developing a good community where players could share and play together.  

We have been providing players unlimited hours of fun and enjoyment for over 6 years with over 200+ Missions ranging from TDM, DM, LTS to a variety of races and we have been growing eventually. We have learned from ups & downs and eventually grew up to be one of the most played server. This could only happen because of the community which liked the server and helped it achieve fame. 

Now we are here with a newly launched website with which you can remotely access your account control panel, view stats of every single player, can view the top players of our server and you can get to know which mission is going on at anytime.

On the 19th of March in 2016, Desert_Eagle asked Hellrocker to become the new owner as he wanted to move on with new things and owainnub was also selected as the owner with Zeus helping as a co-developer. Since this date, there has been numerous updates adding new and improved features and revamping the look of eXtreme Missions. 

Once again, i would like to thank fellow players, who made this server what it is today. Last but not the least, thanks to Zeus for making this fantastic website for us.


Hellrocker & owainnub,

Server Owners.

325158 Registered Users

48703 Banned Users

13 Staff Members